Fertilizers enriched with biochar and collagen

The Soil Nutritionist

Biogel is a new range of organic turf products containing HerbaChar, a unique biochar, produced from selected woody biomass carbonized at low temperature in partial absence of oxygen. With its microscopic honeycomb structure, HerbaChar provides the perfect habitat for beneficial soil and plant microorganisms: mycorrhizae, trichoderma, rhizosphere bacteria and actinomycetes, promoting root development, organic matter breakdown and soil vitality. In Biogel formulas Herbachar is activated with a hydrolyzed collagen made of amino acids and proteins. In the ground they become authentic “restaurants” for microorganisms, that, by releasing nutrients and humic substances to the roots, maintain lawns always beautiful, healthy and resistant.


Biogel fertilisers produce super strong, vertically growing and elastic lawns when mowing equipment pass over them. They increase grass resilience and vigor, quickly repair mower injuries and produce little residue. They form very dense turf, preventing moss and weeds invasions. For this reason, they have deserved the RoboPrato guarantee for their suitability for use on lawns mowed with robots and with mulching systems.