Colorants for Golf Courses

Herbacolors is a specific range of colorants and tank cleaners for golf courses, aimed to solve problems linked to high quality turf management

In golf management turfgrass perfection is mandatory. Therefore, we propose a series of colorants that not only maximize aesthetic and functional perfection but, due to new pigment technology, act as real biostimulants against environmental stresses. Herbacolor colorants and tank detergents are perfectly compatible with normal spraying practices, easy to use, safe for end user and highly efficient.

Herbacolors benefits

  • Unbeatable effectiveness and aesthetics

  • Formulated with natural pigments: safe for the operator and end user

  • Ideal on dry or yellow spots: less expensive than seeding

  • Delay winter dormancy and anticipates spring green-up

  • Antioxidant activity: stimulates turf recovery, hiding diseases