Colorants for Golf Courses

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Spray pattern indicator
200-300 ml/100lt H2O
1000 m2
  • Intense spray pattern indicator, with a blue-green color
  • Avoids dangerous spray overlaps
  • Points out easily no-treated turf areas
  • Signals possible nozzle obstructions
  • Temporary action, degrading in few hours
Herbablue - Herbatech
5 kg

Special One

Long lasting UV resistant spray pattern indicator with  biostimulant activity
150-200 ml/80 lt H2O
1000 m2
  • Pigment with biostimulating and protective activity. Prevents senescence of leaf tissue and promotes photosynthesis
  • Dual action, spray indicator-colorant with effect that lasts up to 15-20 days
  • Enters in the leaf and keeps the color even after mowing
  • Facilitates the healing of diseases, and it disguises their visual damage
Special One - Herbacolors Herbatech
5 kg