Soil Surfactants for Golf Courses

Herbawet is a new generation of wetting agents co-formulated with growth regulators (biostimulant and anti stress activity

Herbawet surfactants are very effective in the control of Dry Spots and in stress recovery, inducing roots growth, vegetative growth and rapid re-establishment of turf’s natural green color. DTA (Dynamic Triple Action) is the new technology of Herbawet surfactants. It is the result of the formulation of 3 distinctive groups of wetting agents:

One group has a strong wetting action, increasing solution contact with the hydrophobic area.
Another contains penetrating surfactants that permit the passage of the solution into the whole of soil profile.
The third are re-wetting agents which allow the rootzone profile to re-wet, giving a residual action.
These three wetting agent groups are combined in various percentages on type of product and its purpose.

Herbawet are safe and easy to use, both as liquid treatments and as pastils for irrigation sprinklers. Effective in Fairy Ring control, they facilitate winter drainage on surfaces saturated with water

Herbawet surfactants benefits

  • Solve rapidly problems related to Localized Dry Spot (LDS)

  • Three formulas that differ depending on the lenght of efficacy

  • In a single product, a wetting agent and a root biostimulant

  •  Preventives (program) and instantaneous curatives, also for localized treatments

  • Strong enhancers of root elongation

  • Collateral action on morning dew, on drainage and on Fairy Ring control