Zeolite Putting Green Fertilizers

Eco-compatible, effective and controlled feeding

The advantage of Zeotech Mini is their slow release with excellent results in color, growth and putting green playing performance.

Zeotech Mini are green size fertilizers, specifically formulated for golf putting greens. They use the Italian zeolite, Zeotech 300®, a volcanic mineral, as a carrier of nutritive elements. Zeotech 300® has a very high cation exchange capacity, able to withhold nitrogen and potassium inside its crystal structure and, gradually, exchange them with the roots. In Zeotech Mini it is combined with NPK, magnesium, sulphur and iron in perfect formulas.

In addition, Zeotech Mini are perfectly eco-compatible; they significantly limit nutritional losses caused by leaching and volatilization. Exchanging calcium with insoluble phosphates, Zeotech Mini fertilizers increase phosphorus availability: this translates in vigorous root growth (especially after aeration) and improved seed germination at establishment.

Zeotech Mini: Quality in each granule, one by one

We could not produce better green size fertilizers than Zeotech Mini. We wanted them homogeneous, with each granule equal to the other, highly soluble, in order to be immediately dissolved and absorbed by the plants. We wanted them with a granular size 0.8-1.2 mm, in order to be easily dispersed.

Zeotech Mini fertilizers benefits

  • Exceptional color all year round

  • Perfect putting ball roll

  • Excellent aesthetics in terms of density, fineness, homogeneity

  • Well-balanced growth between 7 and 12 weeks

  • No risks of scorching also at double dosage

  • Gradual and regular growth with limited mowing

Ampolla con microgranuli - Zeotech Mini - Herbafer