Zeolite Putting Green Fertilizers

Eco-compatible, effective and contolled feeding

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Zeotech Mini Spring and Summer

16-0-14 + 2Fe
Annual maintenance
11% Zeotech 300
0.8-1.2 mm 25-30 Spring-Summer
  • Intense and lasting colour (70 days); 54% of nitrogen released from methilenurea
  • Constant and homogeneous growth
  • Equilibrate N/K ratio
  • Indicated for spring and summer maintenance fertilization
Zeotech Mini Spring and Summer - Herbatech

Zeotech Mini Ready

Spring gree-up
16% Zeotech 300
0.8-1.2 mm 25-30 Spring-Autumn
  • Immediate response on color, with absence of growth peaks (45 days)
  • High content of silicon, stronger turf and perfect cut
  • No risk of burning
  • Works also at low temperatures, fast spring and autumn green-up

Zeotech Mini Rooter

8% Zeotech 300
0.8-1.2 mm 35-40 Spring-Autumn
  • Prefect for greens, periodically low in phosphorus and magnesium
  • Favors the process of closure of turf after coring, stimulating bentgrass root growth
  • Ensures rapid seed germination, stimulating growth and complete ground coverage

Zeotech Mini Autumn

7-5-14+4 Fe
Stress control
19% Zeotech 300
0.8-1.2 mm 25-35 Summer-Autumn
  • Greater resistance to winter and summer climatic adversities
  • Perfect in the prevention of winter Fusarium and of other significant summer diseases
  • High in iron; eye-catching green color in summer and winter periods
  • Reinforces cell walls, increasing resistance to game related stresses