Collagen Fertilizers for Lawn and Landscape

Biogel 12/40, 100% collagen, enhances the development of high-quality lawn areas and improves the environment in the same time.

Made of 100% amino acids and proteins, Biogel 12/40, basic ingredient of Biogel fertilizers, is a solid gel that at contact with the soil, rehydrates and becomes a degradation site for microorganisms.

Nutrients are available only after being transformed in the soil. This natural slow release action, provides quick greening and continuous feeding, activating soil life, reducing tatch, stresses and diseases. Turfgrass is a strong producer of stems and roots, rich in hemicelluloses and lignin, difficult to degrade by microorganisms. As a consequence tatch often builds up with Dry Patches and diseases.The extraordinary advantage of Biogel fertilizers resides in being strong activators of organic matter degradation. Acting as a real soil food, they produce a strong, stress and disease resistant ornamental turf area.

Biogel fertilizers benefits

  • Increase density and strength of plants

  • Long lasting fertilizing effect

  • Reduction of aeration interventions

  • Decrease of diseases connected with thatch

  • Biological activation of the soil under construction

  • Excellent, intense green colour during cold periods of the year

  • Universal in gardens: good for bedding plants, bushes, trees, etc...

  • Environmental respect

Biogel action mechanism - Herbatech