Foliar Fertilizers, Granular Nitrogen Supplements with Trace Elements and Corrective Chemicals for Lawn and Landscape

Herbafer fertilizers are ideal for rational spoonfeeding programs, they notably improve the aesthetic quality of lawns (color and uniformity) without growth peaks.

Not always a normal fertilization program is enough to feed a turf. Often, soils have problems that limit nutrient absorption and that only a chemical analysis can detect. In other cases, root absorption is prevented due to physiological stresses.

The Herbafer granular nitrogen supplements with trace elements and the chemical correctives, solve soil problems with formulations designed for turf and recommended by soil tests. When root activity is limited, Herbafer liquid fertilizers, ideal on foliar nutritional programs, promote and fortify turf vital functions, enhancing and stimulating vegetative and radical recovery from stress. Moreover Herbafer liquids are a strong deterrence against the onset of many diseases, reducing fungicides applications and dosages.

Herbafer speciality fertilizers benefits

  • Help solving soil problems (pH, salinity, carbonates, trace elements deficiencies, etc...)

  • Immediate greening and long lasting effect

  • Healthy and resistant plants during summer and winter stress periods

  • Preventive and curative action against diseases: lower use of pesticides

  • Selective nourishment for Poa annua management and control

  • Promotion of root development and elongation

  • Prevent turf yellowing caused by herbicides

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