Soil Surfactants for Lawn and Landscapes

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Herbawet Program

Monthly preventive soil wetting agent
20 lt./Ha in 1000 lt. H2O
No water in
  • Flexible for monthly treatments, lasts up to 6-7 weeks
  • With root hormones for rapid summer stress recovery
  • Allows uniform distribution of water through the profile
  • Very effective against Localized Dry Spots (LDS)
  • Effective in the control and cure of Fairy Rings
Herbawet Program - Herbatech
lt. 5x4

Herbawet One Shot

Long lasting preventive-curative
soil wetting agent
25 lt./Ha in 1000 lt. H2O
Water in
  • Slow release for late spring application, lasting up to 3-4 months
  • Concentrated , cost effective, reduces irrigations, labour and energy
  • With root growth regulators for summer stress prevention
  • Prevents repellent soils and Dry Spots, optimal penetration of water
  • Increases root growth, favoring turf growth, recovery and color
Herbawet One Shot - Herbatech
lt. 5x4

Herbawet Instant Cure

Instantaneous curative wetting agent
10 lt./Ha in 1000 lt. H2O
Water in
  • With instantaneous efficacy; gives visible results in few hours
  • With growth regulators for stress recovery and rapid green-up
  • Allows immediate soil wetting, solving brown spots caused by LDS
  • Excellent also for localized treatments. Very cost effective.
  • Gives penetration and water removal where drainage is poor
Herbawet Instant Cure - Herbatech
lt. 5x4