Colourants for Sport Fields

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Herbaline Brilliant

Line marking paint
ready to use
10 lt. for regular football pitch,
already marked

20 lt. for newly marked,
regular football pitch
  • Bright white liquid paint ready for use
  • Exceptional line visibility and brightness; long persistence
  • Ideal both for rolling and modern pressure spraying  machines
  • In already marked pitches, to refresh the color, can be diluted with water at 1:1 dilution rate
15 liters drums (17 Kg) 
pallet 33 drums

Herbaline White Plus

line marking paint
2,5 lt. for regular football pitch,already marked
(in 6 liters of water)

4 lt. for newly marked,
regular football pitch (in 5 liters of water)
  • The best product in the field of line marking for professional pitches
  • Resistant to all weather conditions; incomparable white color coverage
  • Long lasting; high adhesion on the leaf
  • Concentrated: 1 liter of paint for 5-6 liters of water
10 liters drums
(11,6 Kg)
pallet 48 drums