Trace Elements Fertilizers for Golf Courses

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87% sulphur fixed on bentonite Please see technical sheet
  • Microgranular (3mm), easy to use and to dissolve
  • Strong acidifier for alkaline soils
  • Preventive action against winter fusarium
  • Useful repellent against earthworms
 Herbasoil Biozolfo - Herbatech

Green Plus

Calcium supplement and corrective chemical on saline soils
Soluble granular gypsum Please see technical sheet
  • Easy to dissolve; immediate efficacy
  • Solves all soil and turf problems tied to salinity
  • Prevents clays flocculation
  • Soluble calcium supplement for deficient soils
gypsum s herbatech

Verde Cal

Calcium supplement and chelated corrective chemical on saline soils
Soluble microgranular gypsum Please see technical sheet
  • Gypsum fixed with chelating agents. Four times more rapid and powerful than normal gypsum
  • Effective in correcting soil and water salinity and alkalinity
  • Useful calcium supplement; equilibrates the calcium/magnesium ratio in the soil
  • Increses soil porosity and oxygenation
verdecal herbatech