Soil surfactants for sport fields

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Herbawet Pastils®

Soil Wetting Agent for irrigation sprinklers
  • 1.5 cm surfactant tablets designed for irrigation sprinklers, practical and easy to use. Allows use of existing irrigation system to apply wetting agent and reduces need for applications with mechanical sprayers
  • Highly concentrated formulation of Herbawet Program (DTA Technology) for preventive–curative treatments on sport pitches
  • Particularly interesting for localized treatments. Fast acting, very cost effective, saves product, labour and energy
  • Compatible with new generation irrigation sprinklers, dissolves with a standard irrigation cycle
  • The synergic action with irrigation water, gives increased penetration and spreading with an immediate response on water repellent soils
  • Available in boxes of 50 pastils, sufficient to treat 5000 m2
Herbawet Pastils® - Herbatech
50 pastils
for 5000 m2

Herbawet Tablets®

Herbawet Program tablets for localized treatments
  • A unique wetting agent tablet made with the same surfactants used in Herbawet Program for localized treatments with HW Progun
  • 100% Active Ingredient with DTA technology. Made with 3 groups of purpose specific surfactant
  • Quickly penetrates the hydrophobic area with an immediate rewetting effect
  • Packaged in easy to use single tablet bags
  • Easy to dilute: in localized treatments 1 HW Tablet will spot treat 3000 m2 of sport field surface
 Herbawet Tablets - Herbatech