Zeolite Fertilizers for Sport Fields

Zeotech, the secret for a wonderful turf

The advantage of Zeotech fertilizers is their slow release in time with permanent results in color, growth and stress resistance.

Zeotech is a product range of controlled release fertilizers for sport fields, based on natural zeolite. It is the result of many years of research into the utilization of zeolite Zeotech 300® as a carrier of nutritive elements. Zeotech 300® is a volcanic mineral with the highest cation exchange capacity present in the market, able to withhold nitrogen and potassium inside its crystal structure, and gradually release them into the roots.

Zeotech fertilizers, are perfectly eco-compatible; they significantly limit nutritional pollution caused by leaching and volatilization. Finally, exchanging calcium with insoluble phosphates, they increase phosphorus availability: this translates in vigorous root growth (especially after aeration) and improved germination and seed establishment.

New: Zeotech Club Formula GP
       Zeotech Gold Formula GP


The new Zeotech Formula GP fertilizers formulations contain large quantities of a series of bio-stimulants: humic acids and iron lignin sulfonates. These compounds help turf to achieve the best growing performance and, contemporaneously, defend it against environmental stresses. They act as stimulators of soil microbial activity and as organic chelating agents. This increases plant’s ability to absorb nutrients, improving soil cation exchanges and water retention, synergistically with the other ingredient, zeolite Zeotech 300R. Formula GP fertilizers produce a more vigorous turf with a higher photosynthetic activity, increased growth, color and root mass. They give a superior proactive protection against stress conditions prior to their appearance. This results in a better tolerance to dry, heat and salinity conditions and a prolonged fertilizer performance, even in the difficult periods of the year.

Zeotech fertilizers benefits

  • Guaranteed responce all year round

  • Excellent results in terms of wear resistance, density, homogeneity

  • Well-balanced growth between 7 and 12 weeks; limited mowings

  • No risks of scorching also at double dosage

  • Strong root elongation (Zeotech P)

  • Zero leaching; economic and ecological efficiency

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