Zeolite Amendments for Sport Fields

Retaining vital nutrients and reducing soil leaching are Zeotech 300 amendments main advantages. However, they also stimulate root elongation and water retention, improving air and water circulation in the rhyzosphere.

Prior to selecting fertilizers or seeds is mainly on the agronomic quality of the soil that we focus our attention. For this, we have developed a range of specific soil amendments for sport fields, using an extraordinary and unique ingredient: the Italian zeolite Zeotech 300 ®.

Zeotech 300 ® is a volcanic mineral with high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC 260 meq/g ), the highest in the market, able to selectively retain nitrogen and potassium inside its crystal structure, exchanging them to turf roots.

All Zeotech 300 based soil improvers are specifically designed for the construction and maintenance (aeration and top-dressing ) of athletic field turf areas, thus ensuring, on a permanent basis, a "Dolce Vita" for the roots of our plants.

Zeotech 300 amendments benefits

  • Improvers of soil phisics: water retention, porosity, oxigenation

  • Improvers of soil chemistry: high CEC, high nutrient NPK retention

  • Improvers of soil biology: hide microorganisms inside the crystal

  • Excellent carrier of biostimulants to the roots

cation exchange zeotech 300 herbatech