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Herbatech produces fertilizers, soil amendments and special chemical products for professional turfgrass construction and maintenance.

From gardeners to Turf Professionals

Herbatech has always cultivated a great passion for quality, research and innovation. This is done in order to maximize the satisfaction of those who are professionally working on turfgrass.

Experimentation, production and marketing have a unique aim; supplying technically effective solutions, for those who, today, produce and maintain turf grass.

Providing products for aesthetic purposes only, nowadays is not enough.

Everyone is conscious and involved in environmental issues afflicting the globe. Moreover, turf managers are becoming more conscious concerning economic and managerial problems of their job.

According to these new issues, Herbatech offers the best products to turf professionals, in order to better qualify their activity, not forgetting, however, what makes a lawn a unique and extraordinary product: i.e. a place where tasting the pleasure of beauty, harmony and serenity can be possible simply by playing, walking or just watching.