Growing Media

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[title style=”bold-center” text=”Growing Media with Zeolite Silicates”]

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Zeolite and lava sand soil substrate ready to use

Areas of interest: Golf (green) / Football fields / Lawn gardens
Ideal in: Construction, top-dressing and divot repairs


[accordion-item title=”Benefits”]

  • Speeds seed germination and closure of wounds and divots
  • Holds water, resists to wind and to the passage of mowing equipment
  • User friendly in practical and convenient in 25 kg bags

[accordion-item title=”Guaranteed analysis”]

Guaranteed analysis: 50% Volcanic lapillus sand;10% Zeolite Zeotech 300; 20%brown peat moss;19,9% Green compost
0,1% Zeotech P Fertilizer
Bulk density: 0,91 kg/liter

[accordion-item title=”Recommended dosage”]

Seed bed preparation: 15-25 kg/m2: one (25 kg) bag is sufficient for 1- 2 m². Incorporate in the first 5 cm of top soil. Roll, seed (lay sod), roll again and irrigate 
Divots and holes repairs: apply 3 kg/m2. One (25 kg) bag is sufficient for 7-8 m2. Remove dead grass, distribute Zeodresser, seed (lay sod), roll and irrigate
After coring: 4-5 kg/m2. One bag (25 kg) covers 5 m². Fill in open holes and level with sand. Irrigate
Bermudagrass stolon transplanting: pre-mix 9 parts of Zeodresser with 2 part of stolons. Roll and irrigate. One bag (25 kg) is sufficient for 10 m2.


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Technical Data Sheet




20 kg bag and 1000 kg Big Bag (0,91 CM)